We have provided insight and endorsement for a number of investigators at Georgetown-Lombardi and are pleased at the proposals which have received successful scores, even in a very competitive funding atmosphere.

  • NIH/NCI-R03:  Simulation Modeling to Assess Personalized Benefits and Harms of Extended Endocrine Therapy (Young Chandler, PhD) 2019-2021
  • NIH/NCI-R01: Optimizing Targeted Breast Cancer Therapy by Mathematical Modeling and Experimental Studies (m-PI: William Baumann, PhD & Ayesha Shajahan-Haq, PhD), 2016-2021
  • NIH/NCI-R21: A question prompt list to promote communication in genomic medicine (Suzanne O’Neill, PhD), 2016-2018
  • NIH/NCI-R35:  Bio-behavioral Research at the Intersection of Cancer and Aging (Jeanne Mandelblatt, MD, MPH), 2015 - 2022
  • NIH/NCI-R35: Bio- behavioral research at the intersection of cancer and aging (Jeanne Mandelblatt, MD), 2015-2022
  • NIH/NCI-U01: Collaborative Research in Integrative Cancer Biology (Robert Clarke, PhD, DSc), 2014-2019 
  • PCORI: Nueva Vida Intervention: Improving QOL of Latina Breast Cancer Survivors and their Caregivers (Kristi Graves, PhD), 2013-2016
  • DoD Idea Expansion Grant: Targeting the UPR to circumvent endocrine resistance in breast cancer (Robert Clarke, PhD, DSc), 2013-2015