GBCA is committed to advancing patient-centered research and this begins with educating young researchers on the value of collaborating with advocates and the importance of being able to communicate with a lay audience.

Every spring GBCA holds a Clarity in Science Award Program for Tumor Biology trainees from all Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center Programs working on any type of cancer.  The purpose of the Clarity in Science award is to recognize excellence in communicating research to lay audiences.  Accurate and understandable verbal and written communication skills are critical for successful researchers and the award is meant to promote these skills.

In 2020 our Clarity in Science Award verbal presentations were done virtually and we had a tie for first place!

2020 Clarity in Science Winners with GBCA on Video Conference

First place tie:  Vincent Chen (Exploring Anetumab Ravtasine in a Preclinical Model for Thymic Carcinoma) and
Jerry Xiao (Fishing for a solution; a novel zebrafish-based model for identifying key drivers of cancer matastasis)

Third place:  Sarah Martinez Roth (Methylation patterns of circulating cell-free DNA to detect treatment related organ specific side effects in esophageal cancer patients)

GBCA congratulates the students on their work.

We are pleased to present our inaugural round of the Clarity in Science Award.

2019 CIS Winners

Awardees Reham Ajina and Tamar Demby in attendance with Shelley and Ayesha.

First place: Alana Lelo (STAG2 in bladder cancer) 

Second place: Reham Ajina (Immune therapy in pancreatic cancer)

Third place: Tamar Demby (Measurement and impact of Chemobrain)

GBCA congratulates the students on their work.