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Susan Winarsky and Sherri Stahl were interviewed in The Treatment and Living with Cancer Study Newsletter, Winter 2023 about their participation in the study.

Read the newsletter here: TLC 2023 WInter Newsletter


October 14, 2015 Updated July 2, 2020

Three years ago, I went from being a scientist and stay-at-home mom to a breast cancer patient in what seemed like a heartbeat. Chemo and a double mastectomy with reconstruction have taught me a few things that doctors never could. If I could go back three years, this is what I’d tell newly diagnosed me:

Paying for cancer treatment while keeping up with student loans can be difficult for many survivors. But, a new bill was introduced to Congress that, if passed, would defer student loans until after the person finishes active treatment.

This week, we spoke to Erin Price, a state leader for the Young Survival Coalition and board member for Critical Mass, about the H.R. 2976 bill, which she recently advocated for at Capitol Hill.

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Cancer is a difficult experience for anyone to go through. But coping with the overwhelm, stress, and raw emotions that a cancer diagnosis and treatment often bring can be especially difficult when you are a young adult.