June 5, 2007, WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Todd Chisholm, 44, met Deborah Charles on a cycling tour of the Grand Canyon and married her in 2003. A commercial pilot, he cut back on work during her treatment for breast cancer to be at her side. 

Q. You were in the waiting room at the hospital when your wife found out she had breast cancer. How did you find out? 

A. “When the nurse came out to get me, I knew that the news was not good. I started to feel it inside and break down already because I knew what we were going to hear. 

We had talked about the ‘what if’s’ it was bad news and there was no question that the most important thing was that I was going to be very reassuring to her that this didn’t change our relationship, this didn’t change our love, this didn’t change my support. We were going to do this together.”

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