Ayesha Shajahan-Haq

Ayesha Shajahan-Haq

Dr. Shajahan-Haq has many years of comprehensive knowledge of concepts in cancer biology, drug resistance, cellular and molecular biology and in vivo models of breast cancer. Currently, Dr. Shajahan-Haq is funded by a multi-PI R01 from the NCI/NIH focused on drug resistance in breast cancer. In the past, she has been funded by the DOD, Susan G Komen and ACS. She has >49 publications (original scientific papers, reviews and book chapters) and has reviewed research grants for various funding mechanisms. Furthermore, Dr. Shajahan-Haq serves as the Director of the Master of Science Program in Tumor Biology (responsible for academic and career development of 12-15 students per year) and course director for graduate courses. She led the establishment of the Cancer Systems Biology track of Master’s program that introduce students to a systems approach to cancer research. In 2011, she helped to found the Georgetown Breast Cancer Advocates (GBCA), a committee that consists of 15 active members trained to provide patient’s perspective for research projects. Dr. Shajahan-Haq also serves on the departmental Education Oversight Committee and mentors PhD students in the Department of Oncology.  She is a full member of the Breast Cancer Program at Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center. Overall, Dr. Shajahan-Haq has several years of experience working on multi-investigator and multi-institutional projects, in teaching/mentorship, in reviewing grants/manuscripts and in service in breast cancer.

Scientific Advisor
  • Assistant Professor, Georgetown University
  • Member, Breast Cancer Program, Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • Director, MS Program in Tumor Biology, Georgetown University
  • Active Member, American Association for Cancer Research (2004-present)
  • Faculty/Teacher, National Breast Cancer Coalition, Project Lead (2019-present)
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