Wanda Lucas

Wanda Lucas

When I was diagnosed, I was shocked by the high breast cancer mortality rate in the Washington, DC area, especially among African American women and felt that statistic was unacceptable. Giving back to the community and society was always a part of my upbringing and corporate experience so becoming an advocate was a natural transition. Advocacy has allowed me to speak for those who are unable to speak for themselves. I am especially interested in clinical trial enrollment and accessibility of minority patients.

Diagnosed in 2006

  • NBCC’s Project LEAD Institute and Project LEAD Clinical Trials – 2010
  • Consumer and Programmatic Reviewer – Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program
  • AACR Scientist-Survivor Program – 2012 and 2014
  • Mentor – Project LEAD 2015 & 2016

I am a Human Resources professional focused on Training, Recruitment and Career Coaching. My experience has been in the corporate, non-profit, consulting, and academic environments. I earned my B.S from the University of Illinois and my MBA from American University.

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Sheppard VB,Wallington SF,Willey SC,Hampton RM,Lucas W,Jennings Y,Horton S,Muzeck N,Cocilovo C,Isaacs CA peer-led decision support intervention improves decision outcomes in black women with breast cancer.   J Cancer Educ.2013 Jun;28(2):262-9. doi: 10.1007/s13187-013-0459-z

American Association for Cancer Research, 2015 Annual Meeting – The Role of Patient Advocates in Breast Cancer Research at Georgetown-Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center (poster)

San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, 2015 – Patient Advocates as Partners in Breast Cancer Research at Georgetown-Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center (poster)

American Association for Cancer Research, 2016 Annual Meeting – Energizing and Educating to Bridge the Scientist-Patient Advocate Gap (poster)

Currently, I serve as vice president for the board of directors for the National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC) and  as a borad member for the Annie Appleseed Project. Previously, I served on ASCO’s Clinical Guideline Committee (2012-2015). I am a Life Member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., the National Black MBA Association and the University of Illinois Alumni Association.